To Live for God is to be at War

I’m so tired. I feel beat down. I just want peace. Why is it always something!

Have you recently asked these questions?

Often when we are in the place we are supposed to be and doing what we are supposed to do, life is hard. It seems the more fires we put out, the more that pop up.

Did we really sign up for a battle on every front, every day, every week, all the time? If you are a Christian, if you want a relationship with God, and if God has a divine and anointed purpose for you, the answer is - YES! We did sign up for these issues and problems!

Those who are chosen do not have the luxury of sitting down and resting. They do not have the luxury of having peace in all areas of their lives. If there is a call on your life, you are not the only who hears it (and some of us still have not heard it). The enemy hears it, too, and it is his job to root you up before you get too well grounded and your faith too well established.

It is time for us to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. We must cover ourselves with God, for that is the only way we can fight, once we have been drafted by God . . . And we have been drafted!

So let us stand up, straighten up, and look up! God is able to provide the tools we need to fight for Him! All we need to do is ask!

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