Chill Out

To chill out means to not allow things to upset you and to relax instead of worrying. Those who profess to follow Christ need to “Chill Out”.

One of God’s redemptive names is Jehovah-Shalom, which translated, means “Lord of Peace”. God is a God of peace. He brings peace. He is peace. To live in Him is to abide in peace. To live in him means to “Chill Out”.

The way a person lives and how they react to life shows their depth in Christ. Those who are mature know God is a god of peace, therefore, they need not worry or get anxious when life’s inevitable storms come, as long as they abide in God.

The Lord of Peace can provide calm and quiet in your soul, when life around you rages. The Lord of Peace can bring you peace and calm, no matter where you go. When you abide with The Lord of Peace you do not get worried and upset, rather you turn your worries over to Jehovah-Shalom.

Peace is one of the most valuable things any of us can ever obtain. God’s love and peace are priceless and those who have it, would not trade it for the world! Know God - know Peace. No God – No peace.

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