Thankful Is an Action Word

Too often we hear people talk about being thankful, but it is often all talk. One cannot turn true thankfulness off and on like a water spigot. When one is thankful, it is not a word, it is a way of life, an outlook, an attitude.

Unfortunately, too many attach their circumstances to their thankfulness. Hmmm, let me see if I am thankful? Is everything going great in my life? Are all my bills paid? Are my children, my spouse, my boyfriend/girlfriend, my parents acting right, and by right I mean the way “I” think they should? If I can answer yes to these questions, then I am thankful. BUT, if I cannot answer yes, then I question God and whine and complain and wish my life was different and secretly curse God that it is not.

Did you ever think there is a reason, beyond even your own comprehension, things happen to you? In Romans 8:28, the Bible tells us all things work together for our good. This does not mean all things we see, agree with or understand. It means “all”. Period.

Let us reevaluate our definition of thankful and learn to find thankful in every situation, understanding no matter what, things could be worse. Let us make thankful an action word and not just a platitude for when things go our way!

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