Our Big God

Have you ever placed something close to your face and stared at it for a while? Maybe you were reading. Maybe you were viewing something up close. Once you removed it, it took a while for your eyes to refocus on things around you. Things in the distance seemed fuzzy and out of focus.

This happens to many of us with our problems. We hold them close, stare at them, and focus on them. When we do, their size and significance are distorted. They seem larger than they are. They seem large to us, and understandably so, but they are not large to our God.

Many of us are too close to our problems. Many of us hold our problems too close and focus too much on them. Because we do, we think our problems are bigger than our God. The truth is, our God is bigger than any problem! Our God is bigger than health, relationship, or money issues. There is no issue our God cannot solve or problem he cannot overcome.

God wants us to stop holding our problems so close and instead hold Him close! Instead of putting so much focus on our problems that our view becomes fuzzy and distorted, focus on the One who can overcome all problems.

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