He's Got Our Back

Sometimes we forget who, and whose, we are! We forget our inheritance. It’s okay. We understand. The enemy tells lies, tries to convince us we are not the Chosen of God, attacks relentlessly and tries to make us focus on our trials. But whatever he does and whatever he throws at you, please remember, God’s got our back!

As we continue studying the Redemptive Names of God, we are learning what we must do to secure the blessings that come with being in relationship with God. We must take our issues to the altar and bind them there. We must run to the real stronghold. Yes, there are requirements to being in relationship with God, but there are also benefits! Don’t focus on the requirements, focus on the benefits of being in relationship with Him!

One of the greatest benefits is that He’s Got Our Back!” We often forget this and try to fight our own battles. Why are we strapping up, gearing up and loading our guns? Our guns don’t work on the spirits that come to rob us of our inheritance! Let us put down our little pea-shooters and pickup our big God!

God’s got our back. He will fight for us. Let us hold our peace and let God fight for us. All we have to do is be obedient, be faithful and do his commandments. Are you paying tithes? He’s got your back! Are you fasting and praying? He’s got your back! Are you being a light and doing good works? He’s got your back! Are you living holy and as a new creature? He’s got your back!

Know it is not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit that we win. . .and as long as we walk with Him, we cannot lose.

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