My Memorial Is The Cross

At this time of year we honor those who served in the US Military and whose lives were taken as they fought for the American Ideal of Freedom.

As a young man, more than anything, I wanted to go into the military and serve my country. I did not understand what freedom was truly about. I did not understand the hypocrisy of some people’s definition of freedom.

American freedom is supposed to be about one nation, under God. Have we lived up to that? We are now a split nation and we are no longer "under God". We are more comfortable being a Democrat or a Republican than being an American. We are so deeply divided, so very intolerant of opposing views, so afraid differences, so judgmental, so mean-spirited . . . is this the ideal for which so many soldiers died?

The American view of freedom has become skewed and is now more about compliance, capitulation, division, and meanness. Diversity and the celebration of our differences have become anathema and unwelcome. Is this the ideal for which so many soldiers died? Their dying in masses could not guarantee our peace and our life. All those that died cannot reverse the disturbing trend we see in our beloved country.

For this reason I know the only true freedom is in Christ and only His dying truly guarantees lasting freedom! While I thank those who died for the ephemeral American ideal of Freedom, I praise the One whose death truly makes us free!

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