There's a Hole in Your Heart

Whenever Leslie goes out of town, I find myself craving 5 Guys or Taco Bell. These are places I love, though admittedly they are not the healthiest places. Nonetheless, I crave them and seek them out.

Do you crave God? Do you find that you have a taste for him? Do you seek Him out? Do you want him bad enough to travel to get to Him or bad enough to get up in the middle of the night for Him, like you do for that midnight snack?

Hungering and thirsting after God is when your soul knows only God can satisfy its desire. When God created us, he left a hole in our hearts. Because of that hole, we hunger and thirst after righteousness. That hole cannot be filled by anything other than God. We often try to shove things into that hole to fill it - money, sex, people, jobs, drugs, alcohol, children, homes, cars, etc. But, only by filling that hole with God, only by hungering and thirsting after righteousness will that hole be filled and only then will you be filled.

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