Elbow Evangelism

God is doing a great work!

As The House of Light Church Alabama grows, we pray God will have His way and we will do things according to His will.

In order for this to be done, we must pray on a regular basis that that this plant be His to grow. We cannot do anything without Him.

So, why try?

Let’s give it to God in prayer and back that up with faith, then under gird that with thanksgiving.

If we think any church can grow through wonderful personalities and an expansive circle of friends, we will all be disappointed. The only way we our churches will grow into the work God intends is through prayer, faith and staying the course. No matter how it looks and how it feels, we must stay committed to His work.

So, exercise Elbow Evangelism. Keep inviting people. Keep talking to others about the God's newest church plant. Do something great for God and invite people to that wonderful plant!

It is only when we are willing to do something out of the ordinary for Him that He will do the same for us!

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