God is Awesome!

God is an awesome God!

Yes this is a song, but it is also a fact!

Look at what God is doing in our church. We are growing! We prayed to God and asked Him to increase our church; to bless it to be fruitful and multiply. We also asked Him to send people who want a true relationship with Him, not just a place to say they attend.

Look at God! As we begin to plan for our 1 year anniversary, I look back to the second Sunday when we started. On that day, it was just Leslie and me. Was I discouraged? Yes, I have to admit I was. But God told me to be patient and not lose my faith. I encouraged myself, looked up and now, look at God!

We have new members and regular visitors. We completed our first Team 1423 activity, which was blessed. We are excited because God has so much in store for us!

This is just the beginning!

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