We are a New Church with Big Plans and Big Faith

God is doing wonderful things at the House of Light Church - Alabama!

When we opened God’s church plant here in Birmingham, God gave us a phrase - We are a new church, with Big Plans and Big Faith.

The phrase was meant to communicate that God will do big things through our ministry and that we believed in Him to accomplish Jeremiah 29:11 in us.

This would happen because of the faith we have in Him. Faith would be the key to unlock God’s plans for us!

There were days when our faith dwindled and seemed non-existent. There were days we sinned by doubting and becoming discouraged, but we repented of that sin and moved on through God's grace.

We are in a New Year and are ever confident about the great work God is doing. As we look around we see new faces and redeemed souls. This is just the beginning!!!

We are excited and invite you to join us as we stand in faith and work to accomplish God’s plan for this church and the souls it will affect.

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