Are You Equipped

I was having a conversation with my beautiful wife and daughter this evening about ministering to others. We were talking about the importance of outreach and street ministry in our new church. During this conversation, I was sharing some of my experiences in street ministry in Richmond, VA.

I told them I had come face to face with people who were clearly demon possessed. Sometimes that possession was in the form of drug addiction. Sometimes the possession was in the form of alcohol abuse. Sometimes it was sexual addiction. In ministry, you are going to come face to face with a lot of people, in a lot of situations, in various conditions and with varying responses to the Word of God.

My wife then said something very interesting. She said when someone is ministering, they have to be equipped to minister, whether it is in the street, at their job or in their home. She said they must know themselves and take inventory of their ability to minister. She went on to say a person must know when they are in over their heads. She said there should come a time when they admit, "I am not equipped!"

Her words hit me like a ton of bricks. That is spiritual maturity! Knowing oneself and taking inventory of your spiritual depth. Proverbs 16:19 says, "Pride comes before destruction." How much damage have people done to themselves and others by thinking they have the tools to minister, only to find out, they are not equipped. Instead of understanding where they are in God and fasting and praying for strength and wisdom, they forge ahead out of zeal.

Acts 19:11-17, tells a story about people who were out trying to do the work of Christ, without being properly equipped. They were calling on the name of Christ, but had no power. Eventually, they got in too deep and an evil spirit jumped out of the person to whom they were working and onto them. If you are not equipped, you can put yourself in danger.

Today's world is fraught with evil spirits. These spirits cause drug addiction, depression, physical abuse, self mutilation, anger issues, pornography addiction, sexual addiction, and so much more. If you are to minister to the hurting masses, you must be equipped. In Mark 9:29, Jesus tells the Disciples that these things only come out by prayer and fasting. If you are to be equipped, you must fast and pray. If you are to be equipped, you must have the Holy Spirit, which provides the power of God.

Are you equipped or are you in danger of getting a spiritual beat down? Don't risk it! Eat your spiritual spinach! Fast and pray so you can be victorious in God's work.

At the House of Light Church, we believe in prayer and fasting! We do kneeling prayer before every service. We do Fast Days every Wednesday from the time you get up until 5 pm. Join us as we equip ourselves for God's great work!

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