About us


“Our Vision is to lead others to the wonderful Light of Christ through our good works".


The House of Light Church - Alabama, founded by Pastor Ken J. Gordon, Jr. and Leslie A. Gordon, is a new contemporary fellowship, focused on providing a welcoming, judgment-free atmosphere, where people experience the simplicity and value of having an intimate relationship with God. 

The House of Light - Alabama (HOLA) guides those who wish to make positive changes in their lives to the beautiful light of Christ. According to Pastor Ken, the essence of the House of Light is its focus on the Simplicity of Salvation.

Pastor Ken, a Certified Chaplain and Counselor, was ordained as an Elder in the Church of God in Christ over 20 years ago. He has worked for over 25 years in a variety of ministerial, church, and community related positions.  

The House of Light - Alabama's ministries include Clothing, Couples, Divorce Recovery, Food, Health, International Outreach, Men's, Community Outreach, Young Adult, and Millennials.

Leslie Gordon, or Sis. Leslie, a beautiful woman of God who works by her husband's side, is the epitome of one whose inner light shines so all can see it.  She is heavily engaged in several of the church's ministries and is an inspiration and source of wisdom, strength and insight to Pastor Ken and the entire congregation.

Both Pastor Ken and Sis. Leslie have hearts devoted to serving God, His people and their community.